Our Mission

    JTR Racing is dedicated to winning as a superior off-road racing team by committing itself to hard work, sportsmanship and team unity. We are actively engaged in building and maintaining strong relationships with our sponsors, and together we drive our success through our commitment, ambition and perseverance.

JTR Racing History

  • Ford Hi-Po 289 Courier. 11 sec 1/4 mile

  • Quad racing 250R Honda

  • Texas Tunnel Jet Drag Boat

  • 1973 Class 3 Bronco. Won Pro-CanAm Championship

  • Northwest Rancho Truck, 1980 F-150 Face uplift to 1990. Cover 4 Wheel & Off-Road magazine as pre-runner/chase truck

    • Fiberglass Autofab front
    • Mustang fuel injection engine transplant
  • Took Rancho truck to SEMA. Sponsored by BFG, Rancho, American Racing Wheels

  • Class 4 F-150 4-link front & rear. Rancho sponsored

  • Late model dirt track, Super Sport class

  • Moved to Outlaw class

  • Campaigned Super Sport & Outlaw

  • Raced two Rayburn chassis’. Traveled to Speed Week with Rayburn. Won track championship in Outlaw, 2nd in Super Sport

  • Mission accomplished; sold off assets, purchased encloseed race tailer with motorhome, quads for family, 1948 Willys sand drag jeep w/ 550hp pontiac motor

  • Raced Willys in sand drag competitions

  • Acquired fastest stock ’72 bronco in the northwest, running low 4s in sand drags

  • Resurrected a Class 3 Jeep for 2007 Baja 1000. DNF in 3rd at race mile 1246 of 1326

  • Rebuilding year. Acquired ’93 bronco pre-runner/chase truck. Developed marketing and launched marketing company to focus on next 10 years of racing

  • Won first in the heavy metal class for the 5oth anniversary of the Baja 1000.